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Hey guys, 21 year old geek, from Hawaii USA here. I'm looking to feature Deviant Artist who want a bigger presence on Instagram

My Page Popfyction has over 150,000 followers who are dedicated art fans. Contact me about getting your art promoted. We specialize in fanart from popular fiction but sometimes I just can't resist posting a stunning piece of art so don't be afraid to ask.


Thanks for visiting me! If I gave you a watch or llama it means I think you have awesome talent! Don't be a stranger! Occasionally I'll trade art commissions for Instagram promotions but I also have first time advertiser and art student discounts so getting published on a 150k art gallery might be more affordable than you think.


Have you ever been punched straight in the soul? Well I’ll just let you know, it sucks. I’ve always gotten along with ghosts, I mean half my classmates are ghosts already. The only bad thing is that horrible shiver you get in your spine when one of them walks through you. They say that’s the feeling of one soul brushing up against another.  All I know is that it’s freaky.

My dad says don’t discriminate against the dead, ghosts have rights too, that’s what we have paralawyers for. So I’ve always gotten along with ghosts, except today…

There were two ghosts and a ghoul, they stopped me in the alleyway. I have to admit seeing a ghoul really shook me. The ghost of a boy hovered with his arms crossed. He had a sly grin like he was about to laugh at some secret joke. Funny thing was the only joke I saw was on him. Poor kid had died in his pajamas and even though I knew I was in a bad situation here I couldn’t be intimidated by the boy who was stuck flying around in a onesie for eternity. The other ghost had been a businesswoman judging by her permanent state of dress but oddly she was sporting two piggie tail braids and glasses. The worst of it was the sort of psychotic looking smile one her face that showed all of her ghostly transparent teeth. Then there was the ghoul, he already had me backing up.

“Hey kid, wanna see a ghost trick?” He asked slowly floating towards me. Like I said, he was a ghoul. That meant that he had killed someone before, either back when he was alive or once he had died. I could tell by his pale red color. Ghosts were always casper white but if ever you had killed someone on purpose or by accident your ghost would turn red and that made you a ghoul. I think they are red because their soul is tainted with the blood of their victim or something… that’s what I heard anyways.

“I’m actually in a bit of a rush, so...  I better just get home.” I stammered out still stumbling backwards.

“Oh come on, won’t take long kid. You’re gonna love it.”

“Show him the trick!” The pig tails ghost girl chimed in giggling.

“Sorry, not today. I have to go.” I started to walk through them not waiting for a reply.

Just as I feared, I felt his ghostly fist slam into me. You see ghosts have trouble contacting things in the physical world, but they could touch your soul easily. Like I said, getting soul punched sucks. I stumbled back feeling weak, it was as if I was losing conection with my body. Looking up I could see him floating toward me, as Pigtails ghost encouraged.

“Get him Sweetie.” Her voice dripped with sadism. This ghoul meant to kill me, but I was not ready to become a ghost. This may seem like a stupid thing to think about at a time like this but I could just hear my grandmother’s words ringing in my ears.

“Don’t you die now, ghosts can’t eat apple pie.” ...I love apple pie.

 I felt my adrenaline kick in that was one advantage the living held over the dead. I turned my stumble into a back pedal, creating distance quickly while digging into my backpack. Fighting a ghost was less than fair, you couldn’t stab them with silver or anything like that, and if you took a swing at one you’d hit nothing but air. Ghosts could hit you where it really hurt, the very core of your being. Fortunately I always carried a pair of specs, most people did these days I guess. I felt around for the familiar cool metal plates. Specs had been called Anti Specter Knuckles a few years back but nowadays it was just specs. Supposedly monks and other old martial-arts masters could hit a ghost without specs by directing their chi or whatever. And that’s awesome, but for those of us who don’t have time to master our bodies and achieve total enlightenment... there’s specs. I slid my fingers into the metal holes balling my hands into fists before tossing the backpack away. Specs were basically like a bulky pair of brass knuckles and they acted as amplifiers. I could see the ghoul smile as if to say “That’s cute.” when I brought my hands up. Sure everyone keeps a pair of specs but most people don’t really know how to use them. He lunged, swinging with an overhand right, planning to finish me already. Luckily for me, I wasn’t most people. My parents put me in Soul Boxing when I was ten, I had taken a few soul punches. You couldn’t block a ghost’s punch but you could dodge it, and I was faster than him… I had to be. A quick duck, his fist flew over my head. Stand, rotate, punch. My uppercut nailed him in the gut, sending out that pitchy ringing sound as my specs blasted him with my soul. This time he stumbled back. I could see the surprise in all three ghostly pale faces.

“You little brat!” He spat. “I’m gonna rip your soul out your chest.”

He dove at me and I sprinted at him. There was one rule in Soul Boxing, don’t stop punching. When you can’t stop your opponent from hitting you the only options that remains is to put them down, fast. My fist arched downward, our collision sent the ghoul into the ground. I didn’t stop there. The rest was a blur. I could hear the approaching sirens, I barely registered the other ghosts disappearing. I hit him again and again and again. Next thing I knew the cops were pulling me off the ghost. They thanked me for taking down the ghoul, no doubt he’s locked in the vacuum now.

When I finally made it home I was greeted by the heavenly aroma.

I like ghosts, but I wouldn’t want to be one because I love apple pie.

On the verge of the glass precipice our Candy Cane King -short was his reign- stood atop the sugar cube pedestal.

"The freshly cut grass of this Christmas bowl kingdom has betrayed me and so I must die." He did fall and snap, accepting. But when he had snapped in two a white flame engulfed his broken form. "Die not Candy Cane King" spoke the flame. "Take these wings and depart to the cosmos for no better a candy cane king has ever graced a Christmas bowl. Surely as my gumball tentacles do not deceive I marveled as our Candy Cane King left and flew away without ado. Each of his broken pieces carried by a pair of white feathered wings wrought by the pure flame. His majesty ascended towards the heavens astounding even the cranberries who are sour and hard to please. In a moment he was gone, flown away perhaps to a more worthy kingdom.  

"Live on and live well my Candy Cane King."

:bulletpurple: Looking for: El Chupacabra and Bigfoot :sherlock:
:bulletpurple: Looking for: Chibi or cartoon artist for 1-5 panel comic shorts/funnies on Instagram! :mangapunksai:
It was like he loved to torture her. She played every moment over and over in her head, a broken record reaching no conclusion. "You've got the cutest smile I've seen all day Liz." He paused seeming to remember something then counted up on his fingers, "1...2...Oh,, the third cutest." He had revised. But it was the way he said it. He carried such a smile like life held some great joke that only he understood, ...And those blue eyes, Ugh and his brown hair. It was never more than finger combed but always perfect, at least to her. Did he know that she analyzed his every word. "Had a dream about you,
you like went off to join the circus as a clown and Todd and I had to tell your parents and then your parents said we should all join and they started practicing knife juggling in the house it was crazy."
"You dreamed that I was a clown??"
"Yeah, That wasn't even the weird of it Todd was going to join as a rapper -like that makes sense- and your baby sister was dropping him a beat." She loved his every thought, she loved the way he spoke his mind so easily when she was so afraid to.
She loved every moment of his attention from the stupid stories he told as they walked the halls to the passing glances that she always waited for... posed for. Was it crazy that she elaborately pretended to be focused on the teacher and slowly straightened up at her desk while only wondering if he'd like her more if she seemed smart or had better posture?

Sometimes she was so certain. He so likes me, why else would he talk to me so much? He doesn't tease anyone else in class this much, he definitely likes me, right? In a surge of confidence she'd try to tease back, or maybe even show affection. But every time she'd falter and doubt would overwhelm her. But he has to know I like him, I'm giving all the signs! All my friends already know, if he knows why hasn't he done anything. He never makes a move, it's so casual for him... Here I am thinking about him all the time but he doesn't give me a second thought. No way....

The second guessing, it drove her mad. Why couldn't he make it clear? Why was she so uncertain? Why did he have to play games, I like you, just kidding, no really though, fooled you twice, but in all seriousness... on and on, round and round. She couldn't take it any longer. Each time was the last time. Okay today, I'll... I'll just ask him on a date, today. But the moment was never right... she was never quite ready and at the end of each day she was left to count the hours until she had another chance.

Day by day she went in circles, trying but failing, hoping but fearing. What cruel god had sentenced her to freshman year in the prison of the crush? Would she ever muster the courage to break out? Or would she serve her time like all the rest?



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